LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment uk

Two Treatments In One with LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment

LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment

What Is It - LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment?

Reduce Fat by 19% Plus

LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment is a cutting-edge new energy-based technology that builds muscle and burns fat in just 30 minutes, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment Ellesmere Port uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger what’s called supramaximal contractions.

A single LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment Ellesmere Port session can result in 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes, which simultaneously affects muscle tissue and destroys fat at the same time!

Build Muscle By 16% Plus

Additionally, it increases muscle fibres for more defined abs and fuller rear-ends by up to 19% over the course of four sessions.

No matter if you’ve always wanted “a bigger booty,” “toned arms,” “toned calves,” or “that six-pack,” we’re here to help you get it!!!

Fat loss of up to 19% and an increase in muscle mass of up to 16% are possible with this programme.

Just 30 Minute Sessions

Fat and skin issues are addressed by popular non-invasive body shaping therapies.

In addition, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment helps both men and women build muscle and sculpt their bodies in a non-invasive manner.

20,000 contractions in only 30 minutes means unmatched results, with no down time no risks and no invasive surgery! So contact our team today to find out more!

SCulpt your perfect body today!

WHY DOES LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment uk WORK SO WELL FOR SO MANY?
Dual Treatments:
LF2sculpt FAqs

LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment gives you fat reduction, muscle growth and muscle building all in one treatment!

Body contouring will burn fat and gives you an amazing toned appearance, with significant improvement.

Our LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment also known as body contouring treatment.

Fat burning, muscle building treatment is made via inducing powerful muscle contractions.

Muscle contractions mean that afterwards you can get delayed onset muscle soreness.

The powerful supramaximal muscle contractions, and muscle toning also permanently destroy fat cells.

The treatment plan for most patients will include regular exercise and how many sessions you need will be included in your consultation.

Before now, non-surgical body shaping treatments have focused on removing excess fat and tightening loose skin.

Abdominal muscles when split are known as diastasis recti.

You might be considering tummy tuck surgery, diastasis recti surgery, mini tummy tuck or other risky ways to resolve your abdominal wall separation.

Excessive abdominal pressure can cause separated muscles and an abdominal bulge.

More than a third of the human body is made up of muscle, which gives it its distinctive shape.

Surgical treatment for a abdominal separation involve attaching the connective tissue and stomach muscles of the abdominal wall.

Abdominal muscle also known as rectus abdominis are sometimes treated with a tummy tuck.

Recti surgery is a surgical procedure that helps fix muscle laxity and remove excess skin.

With a healthy lifestyle and a stronger pelvic floor you can avoid surgery and get a better core strength with LF2SELLA .

Multiple pregnancies, poor posture, giving birth and physical changes after growing baby can cause lower back pain post pregnancy.

You need to have LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment within a space of 2 weeks and you will see full results within six months.

Pelvic floor muscles that function properly can cause pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, overactive bladder and stress incontinence common in pregnant women.

This manual therapy after a few weeks will give reduced pain perfect for new mums.

After giving birth, many women struggle with body changes such as loose skin and muscle laxity.

This can be especially evident in the abdominal area, where a “pooch” or excess fat may stubbornly remain despite diet and exercise efforts.

In addition to cosmetic concerns, these changes can also lead to discomfort and even pain.

Our non-invasive treatment not only fixes rectus diastasis issues but also removes unwanted fat and even helps resolve urinary incontinence.

In the initial consultation we will look at your medical history discuss your pain relief and a full mummy mot if you will!

Check out our Body Sculpting Deluxe to combat both issues. 

Patients who want to reduce fat while also improving their body shape will benefit greatly from LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment Ellesmere Port.

Are You Suitable for LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatmentuk?


To achieve supramaximal muscle contractions, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment utilises non-invasive High-Intensity Electromagnetic technology.

A women’s health physiotherapist will get the via a thorough assessment.

Many women affect men that suffer from diastasis recti can benefit from LF2sculpt neo for stronger core muscles, fat removal and sagging skin.

Each treatment causes the brain to release chemicals saying, “we are being overworked, this is not normal.”

This is due to the high intensity electromagnetic current causing 20,000 contractions.

They then send a signal to the fat cells in the treatment area to break down and release free fatty acids.


Fat cells malfunction and die as a result of the overwhelming volume of fatty acids.

They are then broken down and excreted as waste by the body.

Cellular changes occur in the muscles, with thicker and stronger muscle fibres becoming more visible.


When compared to other fat-reduction methods that can take weeks or even months to show results, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment is lightning-fast.


Supramaximal contractions force muscle tissue to adapt to the extreme conditions they are placed in.

Strengthening and toning your muscles is the result of this deep structural remodelling.

An LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment procedure can be beneficial to anyone.

In terms of non-surgical body shaping, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment is the gold standard.

It not only builds muscle but also burns fat simultaneously.

LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment can not only improve your appearance, but it can also alleviate your hip and back pain by strengthening your glutes and core.


During the course of treatment, LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment works to permanently tighten the muscles.

Your muscles contract only 35-40 percent of the time when you work out at the gym.

Professional athletes are only able to contract their muscles at 55% of their capacity.

An average fat loss of 19 percent has been achieved.


Overview of LF2sculpt Body Toning Treatment uk Features